Sports Programs

Since 2010 Camaquito has used the soccer ball to improve the way children and teens spend their leisure time, accompanying them throughout their development and growth. The Camagüey athletics department, its full-time physical education teachers and soccer trainers oversee 1,000 boys and girls between the ages of 8-15.

Camaquito’s main goals are to help the soccer program obtain the equipment it needs, such as sports clothing, soccer balls and infrastructure for small soccer pitches, and help organize district championship competitions and socio-cultural activities for children taking part in the soccer program. We also support professional development for Cuban physical education teachers and soccer trainers, and exchange programs with other organizations working in Latin America that use the soccer ball as an effective way to nurture healthy childhood development.

In order to invest in these children’s long-term success, we are expanding our program. This includes a new partnership with Camagüey’s Department of Education and the office of the city historian, allowing us to expand our offerings for children beyond the soccer pitch. Along with new socio-cultural activities, more attention will be given to complementary pedagogical activities.

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